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Competent. Experienced. Powerful.

Innovation is our business.

Our workforce - Our greatest asset

Only as a team can we be successful. Qualified, motivated, and committed staff is the basis of our success. Each and every one within the team contributes to overall corporate success - with the team members and all their competence and experience being paramount - through his or her individual performance. For more than six decades, we have been training our very own junior staff, consequently enabling young people to start their career and at the same time fulfilling the important task of securing our corporate future.

Our customers - Our most valuable asset

The needs and requirements of our customers are at the centre of all our actions. We define customer relationship as being a constant partnership in which we deliver high quality products and competent service. In doing so, we rely on open and honest dialogue to provide the basis for successful cooperation.

Our technology - Reflection of our thinking

Throughout our company we utilise State-of- the-art technology. We invest in the most modern as well as efficient equipment and combine that with the continuous training of our workforce. This, besides sound process knowledge combined with a high level of vertical integration, is key to our innovative systems. This interaction along the value chain enables us to remain competitive for our customers.

Our management - Goal-oriented and cooperative

Corporate management sets, plans, decides and realizes common objectives and thereby develops sustainable corporate strategy with which all employees can identify. In doing so, we place value on cosmopolitan outlook, tolerance, diversity, and personal motivation. This represents our values and acts as a role model that creates lasting stability, security and quality of life for the entire workforce.

Our competitors - Our strongest incentive

We like competition and face it headlong.

Nothing increases or perfects our performance more than new challenges. Competition sharpens our instincts. It spurs us on to create innovative solutions. However, fairness and mutual respect are always part our top priorities.

Our suppliers - An important basis for our success

When choosing suppliers, we pay close attention to highest quality standards and reliability. We perceive suppliers to be partners in our success and price is only one consideration when choosing such partner. Compatibility with our values is key to a lasting business relationship.

Our environment - The source of our existence

In all our business activities we act sustainably and assume ecological, social, and economic responsibility. The use resources carefully and comply with all environmental standards - naturally. That is why we are convinced that any company, besides its wish to maximise profit, should never forget the next generation and the continued existence of our society. Moreover: We consider it our duty to permanently make a stand for exactly that.