Horstkemper Info Days 2019

on 07 June 2019

On 26. and 27.06.2019 we would like to give you the opportunity to present some of our new developments and experience them in action.

The following links will give you further details about our products. We will be happy to inform you, in a relaxed atmosphere, about the multitude of possible applications.

Gerne informieren wir Sie, in lockerer Runde, über die Vielzahl der Einsatzmöglichkeiten.

We are looking forward to interesting conversations with you and ask for a short confirmation under info@horstkemper.de.


  • Intelligent transport technology in a minimum of space
  • flexible adaptation to growing requirements
  • Free from giddiness, over several floors
  • Easy integration into existing systems


  • Transfer system with an output of 25 SPM
  • Telescopic conveyor for the feeding of blanks
  • End of Line Band ergonomically adjustable


  • Feeding of a panel dividing saw
  • Stacking heights up to 2200 mm
  • Storage, transfer and retrieval
  • System for receiving porous non-vacuumable plates


We will show you:

  • whereby we guarantee an almost 100% availability.
  • when a free travel control becomes interesting for you


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