Mayor visits HORSTKEMPER

on 28 February 2020

Permanent product developments with innovative solutions have led to several patent applications in the last 18 months - Andreas Sunder was amazed at what the local mechanical engineering company Horstkemper is capable of. In the series of his company visits, Rietberg's mayor also took a look behind the scenes at the Mastholt company. Among other things, research and development is being carried out on a handling system for the production of weight-reduced body parts for the automotive industry.

The two managing directors Norbert Horstkemper and Helmut Wiesing guided Sunder and Rietberg's business development manager Renate Pörtner through the gradually growing company at Langenberger Straße and provided insights into the diversity of the holistically oriented mechanical engineering company. "From planning, design and project development using the latest simulation software, through production and assembly, to comprehensive service, we offer all services from a single source," said Norbert Horstkemper.

Machines are mainly developed and built for the furniture industry. Horstkemper also works for automotive suppliers and logistics companies - both for large companies in the nearby region as well as worldwide. "Our employees sometimes fly all the way to Brazil or Japan to assemble the machine designed in Mastholte on site and put it into operation," explained Wiesing.

65 employees, some of whom have been in operation for more than 35 years, use their specialist knowledge to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that there is a decent workload. The workforce currently includes six trainees. "Sufficient applications have been received", explained Helmut Wiesing when asked by Andreas Sunder. "But to find someone who is a good match for us is a challenge.

An important location factor for commercial enterprises is always a reasonable and stable Internet supply. "In order to be able to communicate technically with our customers at a high frequency, regular data exchange is indispensable. To do this, we have to send and download complex files - that often takes hours," say both managing directors, thus reminding them of the need for competitiveness in view of the lack of broadband infrastructure. Fortunately, a solution is now emerging in perspective, although not at the speed Horstkemper had hoped for. Andreas Sunder offered to inquire about the current state of affairs with the appropriate telecommunications company.

Source: City of Rietberg


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