Review Horstkemper Info Days 2019

on 12 August 2019

On 26 and 27 June 2019 the time had come again. In the best summer weather HORSTKEMPER Maschinenbau GmbH opened its doors during the Info Days 2019 and was able to welcome more than 60 visitors from different nations to its production facilities during the two days. We are delighted that so many guests accepted our invitation and would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for coming.
During the in-house exhibition, detailed new developments and innovative solutions from the entire product portfolio were presented to a broad specialist audience.

One example of this is the newly developed line mover for warehouse logistics.
With the battery-powered and very flexible line mover as a transport system for the storage and retrieval of stackable goods, a further innovative transport solution has been created as a link between conventional transport technology by means of cross conveyor trolleys and warehouse connection.
The line mover impresses with attributes such as small installation space, self-sufficient energy supply, transport of high loads, use on several levels in high-bay warehouses and precise positioning. The system transports goods with a maximum weight of 1 to. and a travel speed of 65 m/min. between the respective logistics sections.
The new line mover has met with great interest from our customers and has already been successfully marketed to one customer.

A servo transfer was developed and presented for the press automation sector.

The new servo-press transfer SPT-8-180 from HORSTKEMPER is characterized by high dynamics and high degrees of freedom of the various travel axes. The new 3D transfer system is part of a 1.100 to. Servo press and, in conjunction with the infeed telescopic belt and twin-end of line belt also designed by HORSTKEMPER, enables the entire system to be operated in transfer continuous operation, pendulum stroke and ProgDie mode in the outfeed of the servo press. A maximum number of strokes of the transfer system of up to 32 strokes/min. can be achieved. Another integral component of the system is a fully automatic gripper rail change for the transfer system, which takes place parallel to the tool change of the servo press. In addition, all machines, from the telescopic belt to the transfer system to the end-of-line belt, are fully automatically equipped for the different types of blanks. The individual machines of this press automation system can be used for both classic servo transfer presses and transfer presses with upstream coil lines.
The response of our customers to the innovative and highly dynamic transfer system, in conjunction with the feeding and discharge technology, was very positive.

Innovative area storage with hybrid gripper from HORSTKEMPER

We were able to convince our specialist audience with a new, flexible surface bearing for plate-shaped materials, which is distinguished by a sophisticated hybrid gripping system. In addition to the surface movement of the dynamic gantry system, including a rotary axis for the storage, transfer and retrieval of panels, the gripper system was presented. This gripper system is universally capable both of sucking in solid plates via vacuum and of handling porous plate materials that are not capable of being vacuumed. This enables our customers to achieve a higher degree of utilisation of the area storage and more flexible use when stacking the different materials. Another advantage is the flat kinematics of the vertical axis in the area storage system. As a result, the storage capacity of the system is increased by forming 2,200 mm high stacks with a very low warehouse height.

Cross conveyor trolleys from HORSTKEMPER are suitable for use in fire protection sections.

The proven cross conveyor carriages from our company take over the material supply of the production process and connect the different processing stations in furniture production. They pass through different halls and fire protection sections. In the event of a fire, if the power supply for the cross conveyor carriage is interrupted and it remains in the area of the fire protection gate, there is a considerable fire protection risk. In order to avoid this situation, a free drive control was developed especially for the case of fire and protected as a utility model. With its own energy storage system, this ensures that in the event of a fire there is sufficient energy on board the cross conveyor trolley to drive out of the area of the fire protection gate and enable the hall sections to be closed properly. Furthermore, there is still enough energy available to deliver a stack of panels on board to the next destination station. This was accompanied by an increase in the availability of our cross conveyor trolleys to almost 100%.

In excellent summer weather, we were able to invite our customers to a grilled snack and at the same time hold further interesting discussions.

The entire HORSTKEMPER team would like to thank all customers and interested parties for their visit, as well as the very informative exchange and the positive feedback on our new products. In this respect, we are proud to have once again been able to convince our guests of our efficiency. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to welcoming you back soon.


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