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SkyPort Drone Hangar

Current drone technology opens up completely new areas of application such as the transport of defibrillators and medical equipment, patrol flights in regard to fire prevention in forested areas or securing of real estate for example the. For these applications, it is imperative that a drone can take off as required, at any given time and in any area of operation. This is guaranteed by various hangar solutions by Globe UAV, which HORSTKEMPER has further developed and brought to serial readiness.

The SkyPort drone hangar is produced with a special torsion-resistant steel construction that offers so much more: All relevant components such as the control system, the landing and loading concept, but also the air-conditioning system may be accommodated. Due to its high-quality surface coatings and special insulation system, SkyGate drone hangars are excellently suited for any climatic region.

We will be pleased to refer you to the experts of our partner Globe UAV if you want to integrate drone technology "Made in Germany" into your process sequences - individually designed for your requirements!

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managing director

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project management

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