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Centring Stations

HORSTKEMPER centring stations are characterized by their high flexibility in the different destackers. The design of centring stations is as individual as the needs and applications of our customers. Both single and multiple blanks may be centred simultaneously.

Especially with multiple blanks with up to four blanks; 2 next to each other and 2 behind one another, the centring stations display their high efficiency. During the centring process, each blank is centred circumferentially by various side pushers and dynamic stops and is correctly aligned to be taken over by the press mechanization. Each centring finger is operated individually by servo motor and may be adjusted fully automatically to any blank dimension during tool change.

The design of conveyor equipment at centring stations varies from roller conveyors to toothed belt conveyor lines with integrated, switchable magnet system. All lines may automatically be adjusted laterally. Further equipment options available are: automatic height adjustment, telescopic capability of lines, integrated belt cleaning as well as double sheet control.

HORSTKEMPER centring stations operate with up to 15 strokes per minute when used in front of tandem press lines. In destackers in front of transfer presses, our centring stations regularly manage a capacity of up to 30 strokes per minute.

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