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Maximum production reliability thanks to a maintenance contract

For any plant operator, there are several good reasons for a maintenance contract:

  • Manufacturer Competence
    HORSTKEMPER customer service staff knows the systems right down to the very last screw because, after all, the design was the result of the combined efforts here at our headquarters. Therefore, when out on service calls our technicians are able draw on this extensive knowledge base.
  • Operational Safety
    nspection and maintenance of any safety-relevant component of your plant by trained specialists increases operational safety and protects your workforce.
  • Easing the load on the workforce
    Due to the fact that not a single person of your workforce has to be assigned for checking and maintenance tasks the entire working time of your workforce can be fully utilised in production.
  • Legal Certainty - Conformity
    Statutory provisions change, but HORSTKEMPER customer service is always up to date. As a customer with a maintenance contract you will immediately be informed about any change in the law that will affect you.
  • Rapid assistance in the event of damage
    As a customer with a service contract your request for repair has top priority. If possible, a HORSTKEMPER service team will be on site within 24 hours plus travel time.
  • Spare part supply
    Wear parts on stock are often available on site in order to minimize machine downtimes. HORSTKEMPER supplies many required spare parts from stock within a very short time.
  • Reduce operating costs and increase system availability
    Because of preventive and regular maintenance, necessary repairs and technical defects are detected before any breakdown. This avoids costly repairs and downtimes, and preserves the long term value of your system.

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